Infosys-Integrity & Honesty

In this world, there are two ways to show his ability – Go with competition and compete the competitor and second, Go with a different way and create the history.In business world, there are many eminent personalities. One of them is N. R. Narayana Murthy.

N.R. Murthy had left the Patni Computer System in 1981. He founded Infosys with six other software professional with an investment of Rs. 10000 and it was corporated as “Infosys Consultant Pvt. Ltd.” in Pune.

There were many ups and down but they never changed their methodology, ideology. They did work with the same philosophy as they adapted at the inception of Infosys- CLIFE.

C- Customer focus

L- Leadership by example

I- Integrity and Honesty

F- Fairness

E- Execution

Customer focus- A customer is the most important on our business. He is not an interruption in our business but the purpose of it. He is doing a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. So, to survive for long time, we need to be “customer focus.”

Leadership by example- There is no doubt that Infosys is a boundryless organization. It means everyone is free to think of ideas and brainstorming. If a leader gives himself to his team and show them the way then team follow him anywhere.

Integrity and Honesty – In a good system of organization, three things must be there- Integrity, intelligence and energy. If you do not have the first , other two will kill you. In short, honesty sets the value of a person.

Fairness- to be fair in business is a challenge in India and it is also true that fairness makes an organization sustainable for long time.

Excellency in execution- still organizations are seeking for excellency in execution. But Infosys is the leader in putting a plan into action. Infosys was the first company to win Global MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises) award for the year 2003.

Written by Shri Bhagwan of 11th Batch..He can be reached at

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